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Hello everybody I'm Gigi the Cairn Terrier nice to meet you all
I am all dressed up in this photo ready for the Christmas ball.
My mum says that I look angelic with my halo round my head.
But if I start barking loud she calls me something else instead.
I only try to warn my folks about any strangers coming near
To our little bungalow when different footsteps I do hear.
When I come back from a walk I jump up on the toilet seat
To have my paws and bottom wiped and then I have a treat.
I like to play with my big cushion that my folks throw for me
Laughing at me as I trip while I hold it in my mouth you see.
I love it when my family visits I get all yappy and excited
And whenever they rub my belly I am absolutely delighted.
I am a very much loved little terrier who is happy as can be
I only wish all the dogs in the world were loved as much as me.

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