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Dear cat, Peggy Sue, what do you do?
Turn my world inside out and upside down..
You boss me around, try to make me anew
You think I'm scared of that big frown?
Got the exercise bar just for me,
You think you can swing on there all day?
Some things in life are just not free..
So get off and give me a turn, I pray.
I leave on the tap for a minute or three
You think I forgot and you scream so loud..
Just checking my door for the paper, you see
I didn't forget.... so don't be so proud!
Why should you get your breakfast in bed?
So you really think you're the boss
Got to groom you daily and keep you fed
Next thing you'll say, "give my teeth a floss"
You got to learn to give me my space
Need some times for myself, you see
I hate your other end always in my face
There's more to my life that just you and me
Don't act so coy and try to be big
I'm not going to do what you say always
Don't show me those claws or give me a dig
Just give me a moment to pick up your trays
The food's overflowing and still you want more,
Still you're not happy, bitch and complain
Treats in abundance, in the pantry I store
Want me to comb your chin and your mane.
How much more can I stand, will I give up the fight?
You are the Master and I am the slave
You bet that I will because I know you are right...
Grateful I am and I will behave.........

Copyright (c) Christine. J. Mason 2006 - All rights reserved

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