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Hi to all the pets in here and to folks who call in to read
Poems about the pets from worldwide and about their breed.
Iím "Hamish" a West Highland Terrier as you can well see
And this is the tale of how my mistress came to have me.
I had been sorely neglected and I was full of nasty eczema and lice
Then my mistress found me and life since then has been so nice.
I live where they have a horse and pony plus other animals too
And I proved my love for my mistress in this little tale I tell you
About a cockerel called Vlad the Impaler because of his nasty way
Of jumping on my mistressís back so that she couldnít get away.
I grabbed Vlad and held him tight so that my mistress could get free
This little monster certainly wasnít going to get the better of me.
I love watch animal programmes on the TV but I get very uptight
And I howl at times when I see another animal in a sorry plight.
I rattle my food dish on the floor and do a dance for attention you see
I want my dinner straight away in my dish because I get so hungry.
I love Emm who is 16 years old and I protect her from other dogs too
We love to go out on the scooter together and to get a doggy view.
I know I am well loved now and I have settled down with my family
There are many poor rescue dogs and I do hope they are as lucky as me.

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